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Book Shelf

A bookshelf should be installed in a structure enabling a user’s convenient use so as to efficiently store a spate of publications that come out.

SAM KWANG bookshelf system is economical because single-story or mezzanine installation is possible according to the quantity of things on deposit.

Besides, the shelf is arbitrarily adjustable up and down. Therefore, spatial configuration and assembly is easy according to the use.

Accessory having various functions

  • A divider is inserted in a bottom rail of shelf by using the elasticity of steel wire and prevents books or materials from falling over. And it can move in right and left direction. Accordingly, a width can be freely adjusted.
  • A functional sign designed in a hanging type on the side of bookshelf was so designed that it can be easily attached and removed according to the change of contents.
  • A shelf height can be easily adjusted according to the size of book. Therefore, the utilization of space can be maximized.
  • It was made possible to check data by placing a small tray on the side of bookshelf.

Book Shelves

  • BS Single Basic 4-Tier
    W960 × D330 × H1505

    BS Single Attachable 4-Tier
    W900 × D330 × H1505

    BS Single Basic 6-Tier
    W960 × D330 × H2205

    BS Single Attachable 6-Tier
    W900 × D330 × H2205
  • BS Double Basic 4-Tier
    W960 × D540 × H1505

    BS Double Attachable 4-Tier
    W900 × D540 × H1505

    BS Double Basic 6-Tier
    W960 × D540 × H2205

    BS Double Attachable 6-Tier
    W900 × D540 × H2205
  • BS Shelves
    W900 × D245 × H25

    Side Panel
    W500 × D350 × H115
  • BC Single Basic 6-Tier
    W1015 × D275 × H2280

    BC Single Attachable 6-Tier
    W930 × D275 × H2280

    BC Double Basic 6-Tier
    W1015 × D500 × H2280

    BC Double Attachable 6-Tier
    W930 × D500 × H2280
  • BC Shelf
    W880 × D225 × H25